The Streamline Difference

Strong, Simple and Unique: PurlinDek®

PurlinDek® is a cold rolled steel sheet with a 6m load-bearing span capability. This patented profile is exclusive to Streamline Carports and requires fewer purlins, fewer fixings and less labour – resulting in safer construction, faster installation time, and a more cost-effective carport.

The high rib profile is specifically shaped for superior water-carrying capacity, and the trapezoidal shape creates positive interlocking sheets giving an extremely rigid structure. PurlinDek®’s high profile allows for sheets up to 35m without compromising strength and rigidity.

Explore more PurlinDek® features

PurlinDek® creates carports that are stronger,
simpler, safer and more cost-effective.

Explore more PurlinDek® features

Design and Size Options

Single or double carport kitsets are available with spans up to 6m, and customisation is no problem as all carports are made to order. Standard heights of 2.1m can be extended with special posts to accommodate large caravans or boats.

Tailor your coloured steel roof and trim colours to complement modern or traditional homes, and include clearlite panels to maximise natural light.

Stylish Yet Affordable

Requiring fewer purlins without a loss of strength, PurlinDek® is an incredibly efficient profile. Lighter in weight than competitor products, it delivers strength and style without the high cost of heavyweight steel alternatives. But affordability doesn’t equal poor quality: with robust engineering and a long design life, PurlinDek will stand the test of time.

Effortless Installation

Pared-back engineering with fewer roof and post components than other carports means your Streamline Carport is easy to install and carries less safety risk compared to complex over-engineered designs.

Competent homeowners can DIY by following our simple instructions, or let one of our trusted installation partners do the heavy lifting for you.

A typical installation takes just 1-2 days so you can start enjoying your new outdoor space in no time.

Zero complexity. Maximum value.

No Building Consent. No Complexity.

Reduce documentation and delays with our pre-approved designs. Carports with an internal floor area under 40m2 do not require building consent when they have been designed by an engineer and have a PS1.

It’s wise to check council regulations on positioning from boundaries, site coverage, and attachment to dwellings – however the vast majority of kits we deliver are consent-free and stress-free.

Guttering System Included

Innovative engineering utilises the PurlinDek® guttering system to surround all four sides of the carport. This creates a strong ‘gutter beam’, eliminating the need for any unsightly framing under the roof sheets.

Installed with a fall of 3° towards the downpipe, the high profile of PurlinDek® handles intense rain without leaks. With this intrinsic guttering and a downpipe included in your kit set, your rainwater collection system is ready to connect.

Transparent Panels for a Light-Filled Space

Streamline Carports are available with clearlite transparent panels that fit perfectly into the PurlinDek® profile. UV stable and resistant to yellowing, our clear panel options come in various densities to allow different amounts of light to pass through. Clearlites can be utilised to charge solar panels on your vehicle, or simply to brighten your outdoor area.