Sustainable Steel

Not only is steel intrinsically strong and easy to work with, it also provides predictable consistent performance across a wide range of applications. The production of steel creates substantially less waste and fewer emissions than a traditional approach.*

* Source: World Steel Association report

Infinitely Recyclable

Steel is the material of choice for forward-thinking building and construction professionals. Once steel is produced it becomes a permanent resource because it is 100% recyclable without loss of quality and has a potentially endless life cycle. This combination of strength, recyclability, availability, versatility and affordability is what makes steel truly unique.

A 2.7MW Solar Energy System at the steel mill offsets pollutants, creating a greenhouse gas emission zero facility.

Streamline Carports: Future Focused

Steel is critical to the sectors and technologies that will enable and drive a green economy, including renewable energy, resource-efficient buildings and low carbon transport.

Our manufacturing and sourcing outlook aligns with a decarbonised future, and we remain invested in delivering the most sustainable options to our clients.

Carbon Neutral Production Facility

At Streamline Carports, we are committed to selecting suppliers that follow industry-leading environmental practices.

Our supplying mills have the latest production machinery and produce the most eco-friendly steel possible with current technology, including innovations such as:

Eco Art Furnace

Maximises energy efficiency and reduces greenhouse gas emissions
(energy consumption reduced 30%)

Hot Charge Production

Increases energy efficiency through flexible operation of the heating furnace (improved fuel efficiency by 80% and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 15,000 tCO2eq annually

Solar Power Generation

Installed 2.7MW facility at the steel factory and now the mill is a pollutants/greenhouse gas emission zero facility

Bio Boiler

Greenhouse gas emissions reduced by another 20,000 tCO2eq annually

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

Fuel use reduction with process reuse through waste heat recovery

Heat Storage Heating Furnace

Heating furnace able to reduce pollutants and increasing energy efficiency through LNG fuel

LED Light Replacement

Reduced energy saving by replacing all lights within the factory

Energy Storage System

Heat storage incinerator