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Steel vs Timber Carports : Which Type of Carport Is Better?

When it comes to selecting a carport for your home in New Zealand, the material you choose plays a key role. There is a noticeable trend towards sleek designs, which has seen a rise in the preference for steel carports. However, in more rural or traditional settings, timber carports remain a popular choice for its natural appeal and ability to blend with the environment. How do you know which one is the right fit for you?

Read on to find out as we compare these materials in terms of design, durability and costs to help you make an informed decision!

How much does Steel and Timber Carport Cost?

Initially, a timber carport kitset in New Zealand might appear to be more cost-effective than a custom steel carport design, however, the high maintenance costs for timber can add up, with treatments for weatherproofing and pest control. Steel, while possibly more expensive initially, often proves more economical due to its longevity and minimal maintenance requirements.

Also worth noting is that the right carport can significantly impact your property’s curb appeal and consequently, its resale value. A well-designed steel carport, known for its durability and low maintenance can be a valuable selling point.

Steel Carports: Combining Durability With Modern Design

Steel carports are well-known for their modern designs and can range from simple to elaborate, custom design, tailored to different requirements and preferences. Whether it is a single carport or a double carport, this versatility allows homeowners to match the carport with their home’s aesthetic quite easily.


Steel stands out for its exceptional durability in the face of New Zealand’s varied climate, from strong winds and heavy rainfall. Coastal areas, regions with high wind and earthquake-prone zones may require the strength and resilience that steel offers. Steel also resists corrosion, won’t rot and isn’t vulnerable to termites. These qualities ensure that steel structures remain durable and can protect your vehicles and assets in harsh conditions.

Low Maintenance & Cost Saving

Steel carports is a hassle – free, long term solution. Unlike other materials, it requires minimal maintenance; as it doesn’t require regular painting or treatment against pests – a huge time saver when compared to other materials and helps save overall costs in the long run.


The lifespan of a steel carport often exceeds that of timber so your investment is a longer-lasting one. Steel structures don’t expand or contract due to moisture and industry data shows that these can last for decades, remaining strong and visually appealing. Our premium quality steel carport systems come with a 10 year structural warranty.

Easy to Install

One of the benefits of steel is their ease of carport installation compared to timber. Steel carports are often designed with prefabricated parts, which simplifies the assembly process. These parts typically interlock or are designed for easy attachment, reducing the time and labor required for installation. Unlike wood, which may require cutting, shaping, and treating on-site, steel components are usually ready to assemble straight out of the box. This ease of installation makes steel carports a convenient and time-efficient choice for many property owners.

All Streamline Carports kit comes with a comprehensive Installation Guide that offers step – by – step instructions and tips to assist you. Should you encounter any challenges or have questions during installation, do not hesitate to contact us at 0800 227 267.


Steel is non-combustible, making it a much safer option in areas prone to bushfires. This fire – resistant feature adds an extra layer of security, protecting not only the carport structure itself but also potentially reducing the risk to adjacent buildings and properties.

Streamline Carports’ PurlinDek Advantage

PurlinDek is a cutting-edge roofing solution with exceptional strength, designed to address the limitations of steel reports. It features a unique 6-meter load-bearing span that eliminates the need for additional purlins or sub-framing. This makes it highly efficient for various commercial installations. The high rib profile of PurlinDek enhances its water carrying capacity and ensures superior weather performance. Additionally, its PVDF paint system offers outstanding weather protection, and the clearlite option adds versatility, catering to diverse lighting needs while maintaining structural integrity.

Purlindek is an outstanding choice for efficient and high quality carport solutions, manufactured by Streamline Carports. We offer a 10-year structural warranty and complies with all NZ codes, offering expert craftsmanship and premium steel carport designs that are built to last.

Contact us today for a free quote about our versatile and durable carports.

Drawbacks of Steel Carports

While versatile, steel might not always match the charm and warmth of natural timber. It can also become quite hot when exposed to direct sunlight.

Timber Carports: The Traditional Choice

Timber carport kitsets in New Zealand are popular for their natural look and traditional appeal that blends well with the landscape.

Aesthetic Appeal and Natural Insulation

Timber offers a classic look that’s quite hard to replicate, bringing timeless elegance and natural warmth to any property. This aesthetic appeal is especially great in traditional or rustic home designs, where the organic look of timber complements the entire house. Beyond its visual charm, timber is also a natural insulator, helping to maintain a more consistent temperature under the carport, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Limitations of Timber Carports

While timber carports certainly have their appeal, they also come with certain limitations that are important to consider. In New Zealand’s weather conditions, timber may become susceptible to rotting, warping or even becoming infested by termites. This means that timber often requires regular maintenance including treatments for weather resistance and pest control, adding to the overall cost over time.

Additionally, timber also poses a risk in fire-prone areas due to its combustible nature. Fire retardant treatments or choosing specific types of timber that are more fire-resistant can be considered, but these might come with additional costs and maintenance requirements.

In conclusion, both have their merits and drawbacks. The choice of carport material ultimately depends on your preferences, the specific climate of your area in New Zealand and long-term cost considerations. It’s important to weigh these factors carefully to ensure your investment not only adds value to your property but also meets your needs for years to come.